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Pay Attention To The Signs

RV Security and Safety Badge.

Almost everyday there are images posted online on the various RVing social media platforms that show a serious accident involving an RV, whether it be a travel trailer, fifth-wheel or some type of motorhome.

Most of these accidents are or were preventable had the owner paid attention to the signs. I’m not talking traffic signs, although there are those incidents that are a direct result of ignoring them as well. The signs I’m referring to are internal – things you or your traveling companion may notice or pick up on.

There’s Always More On Tires

RV tire sidewall cracking.

Tires on any type of RV are the topic of constant discussion which emphasizes how important they are to one’s enjoyment and safety while traveling. I’ve written here on our blog in the past about tires on many occasions and because it is such a popular and important topic, I’m writing about it again. This time I want to draw your attention to RV tire sidewall cracking, an issue that put our travels on hold for part of the summer.

We’ve owned our motorhome and have been on the road as full-timers for over six years. In that time, we replaced the tires that were OEM, that is Original Equipment by the Manufacturer. They served well for 10+ years and only one of the six ever presented us with an issue. When we no longer felt safe driving with them under our coach, we did what needed to be done and replaced them with six brand new tires.

Got Mice?

A mouse climbs a rope -how to keep mice out of an RV.

It is not uncommon for RVers to find that their rig has been invaded by unwanted four-legged guests … mice. That’s never any fun, so today’s post deals with how to keep mice out of an RV.

Rodents, in general, are attracted to the RVing lifestyle for much the same reasons you are. An RV is a cozy place with all of the comforts and amenities … mostly food.

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