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How to Refill Fresh Water Tank During Camping or RVing

With a large gas station directly across the highway from where we summer, we have a constant reminder of the price of gasoline and diesel. Lately, the price of diesel was steady at $5.09/gallon but dropped down to $4.99 as the Memorial Day holiday weekend closed, then rebounded to an even higher price. Gasoline, however, has continue to ping pong up and down varying between $4.09, $4.19, $4.29 and is now at the time I am writing this post is at $4.59/gallon.

Nature’s Wrath

lidhail copyLast evening while we were out exploring a severe thunderstorm came through the area and as a result it dumped golf ball sized hail on the RV Park where we were staying. This morning while opening the bathroom ceiling vent cover, Shari noticed a hole in the cover. Further inspection from above showed not only one hole, but a section of the edge lip broken off as well. With the possibility of more bad weather, mostly rain this cover needed immediate repair or replacement.

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