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Beyond The Pavement – Roleto Cabin

Roleto Cabin

Out in the western United States many historic places are located on maintained gravel roads or rustic roads that aren’t maintained. Some of these “roads” were originally established during the 1800’s by those who sought out seclusion or the opportunity for prosperity. I’d even classify some as goat paths depending on their width. If visiting historic places very few others get to see, then this adventure Beyond The Pavement is something you’d enjoy, so get yourself a suitable vehicle or rent one and go!

Recently, a fellow Jeeper who is also a member of a local Outdoors Club ran lead for our trip up to Roleto Cabin. A miners cabin that is to this day is maintained and available for anyone wanting to spend the night in. While the claim apparently has played out, the current owners of the claim keep it registered to preserve ownership and the cabin.

This reminder, when you visit any site such as this cabin, leave it as you found it. Understand, anyone caught vandalizing property regardless of ownership will under state law be prosecuted. Leave only footprints and take away only memories, otherwise places like this will be removed from everyone’s enjoyment.

This is track we took too and from the cabin. Both starting and ending on Old Stage Coach Rd.

Roleto cabin is located between Yarnell and Stanton, Arizona off Old Stage Coach Road. Old Stage Coach Rd is a maintained county gravel road but it is twisty, hilly and rough and well traveled by local ranchers, prospectors and off roaders (mostly side by sides.)

Stanton has a nefarious history worth looking up. It is popular today with amatuer and professional prospectors looking for gold. Yarnell is a quaint small town that offers tourist and locals alike shopping and dining.

If you take this ride, plan on three hours. The trail is rated as a medium difficulty, but in and after inclement weather can change it into being very difficult. Nature has its way of rearranging rocks, sand and soil into either easily passable or impassible conditions.

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