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RV Battery Maintenance – A Filling Helper

RV battery maintenance is made easier with this DIY filling helper.

RV Battery Maintenance is a routine task that should be performed monthly by every full-time RVer. This usually involves opening the access door to the compartment where the batteries are stowed and sticking your head inside, opening the cell covers to check the water level inside each battery. Even on a bright sunny day or even if the compartment has a dome light inside, you’ll find it hard to see into the battery cell.

Things To Look For When Buying An RV pt II

Pay special attention to what's in your RV battery compartment.

Life in a modern RV depends upon electricity, whether it be shore power or internal power delivered by its batteries. Some trailers have one or two batteries, while motor homes will have several, often two separate RV battery systems. One provides an electrical source for the chassis that is used to start the motor and functions as it would in any conventional vehicle. The other set of batteries power the house and its lighting and appliances.

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