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Winds Is It Too Much

Things to consider before driving in high winds.

This time of year as autumn provides us with vivid colors, seasonal winds pick up and remind us that winter is coming. For many of us RVers this is the time of year we begin the journey to our ‘wintering grounds’ and that means we could find ourselves dealing with these seasonal breezes.

A gentle breeze is a wonderful thing while sitting around your RV; it helps to keep you cool and the bugs away. But when it’s more than a breeze, wind is something you need to be keenly aware of, whether your RV is parked or you’re driving it down the road.

Improving Your Field Of View

Improving your field of view.

Whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing a trailer, blind spots happen, especially when driving and backing. You have a huge responsibility when driving an RV to be sure that your driving field of view is as clear and distraction free as possible. Although cameras can help with visibility, there are a few simple things that you as a Class A Motorhome owner can do to improve your visibility before hitting the road.

Tires, Age And Speed

RV tire failure can be caused by excessive speed, age of the tires, and road hazards.

Too many RVers out there think that driving the posted speed limit or more is something done without worry…UNTIL they feel the pain of the cost of repairs and inconvenience.

Not long ago, we were trekking across West Texas along the Interstate. It was a beautiful day except that it was WINDY with STRONG GUSTS. Combine the wind with stretches of roadway that were rougher than a corn cob and it makes for some challenging driving. We were cruising at a conservative 63-65 mph when I was passed by a fellow RVer pulling a 5er who was doing about 75 mph. Now keep in mind the posted Speed Limit on this stretch is 80 MPH. I wasn’t surprised to see this, it happens all the time.

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