An RV Blog Post Experiment

Since early July we’ve covered well over 4200 miles, going from Wisconsin to Nebraska to work a trade show, then to Ohio to work another event, and finally to Portland, Oregon where we worked our largest event yet. In between, we’ve called on lots of stores in our role of manufacturer’s representatives. We’ve set a dizzying pace, and have completely worn ourselves out a couple of times. But after a couple days rest, we’re always ready to get back in the thick of it. Our work is rewarding and whether crazy busy or not, this mobile lifestyle can’t be beat. Currently, Jerry and I are in the Seattle area, mixing work with pleasure and feeling very blessed to get to do what we do.

In an effort to get back on track with posting about our nomadic RV lifestyle, I’ve added the WordPress app to my tablet. Making use of this, you can expect to see more frequent posts, probably also a lot shorter. We are having too much fun to keep it to ourselves and I’m not at my computer nearly as much as I used to be. But my tablet is usually with me and through the wonder of Google ‘Talk,’ I don’t even have to type the words on the screen. Such a deal, right?

Today we enjoyed a Harbor Cruise, explored Pike Place Market, had a delicious lunch at Pike Pub and Brew, and hung out at the Pier until we had our fill of photographing ships, sailboats, and local Seattle landmarks. The weather was perfect: sunny, warm, a nice breeze. Here are a few photographs from our day in the big city, taken with my cell phone camera. I’m sure Jerry took way better photos with his professional camera, but in the interest of time, I will start you off with these, and he can add his photos later either here or on Facebook. You are following us on Facebook, right? If not, please also connect with us there.

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Shari Voigt

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