How to Refill Fresh Water Tank During Camping or RVing

With a large gas station directly across the highway from where we summer, we have a constant reminder of the price of gasoline and diesel. Lately, the price of diesel was steady at $5.09/gallon but dropped down to $4.99 as the Memorial Day holiday weekend closed, then rebounded to an even higher price. Gasoline, however, has continue to ping pong up and down varying between $4.09, $4.19, $4.29 and is now at the time I am writing this post is at $4.59/gallon.

Beyond The Pavement: Jeep Copper Canyon (Part of The Great Western Trail)

Lunch Break

Looking for a fun Arizona Jeep trail to explore? Copper Canyon Trail is 8 miles long and parallels I-17, with interesting views and challenging terrain as you descend into the canyon.

We were looking for a place to trail ride with friends in the area, this trail came up along with the one for Squaw Peak on Trails Offroad. Given the length of the two, we decided to combine the two into a day ride. 

Beyond The Pavement: 360° Views of AZ from Squaw Peak

Squaw Peak Antennas

Looking for an amazing view? Look no further than Squaw Peak.

For RV Travelers Who Explore by Jeep or OHV:

Sitting along the mountain range on the south side of Verde Valley just above Camp Verde, Arizona is Squaw Peak. This peak was selected as a location for a plethora of telecommunications antennas due to its elevation and line of sight to other peaks used for similar purposes. Not only do you get an incredible view, but your phone signal will be insanely strong.

The views are commanding with a full 360-degree view of Arizona including Prescott, Prescott Valley and down the I-17 corridor towards Phoenix, picturesque mountains around Sedona as well as the snow-covered tops of the San Francisco Mountains near Flagstaff. So, whether you’re looking to get out and explore for fun or just want an incredible view, Squaw Peak is the place for you!

RV Trip Planning: Situational Awareness

Old school RV trip planning.

It’s crucial to combine your RV trip planning with situational awareness.

It wasn’t all that long ago when social media and the news (western states) were requesting help locating an elderly couple on a road trip – Ron & Beverly Barker and their Class C motorhome towing a Kia sedan. Sadly, it didn’t end well. Ron passed away as they waited for someone to find them.

This is so sad, but it’s also a teaching opportunity or at the very least, a reminder to help other RVers avoid what turned into a life-or-death situation.

Below I am sharing a video that shed some insight as to what might have happened to them. The folks in the video volunteered to recover the RV, tow dolly and car from where they were found.

Purple Pansy & Black Rock – Abandoned Arizona Mines

Black Rock Mine

Beyond the Pavement – 4 Wheeling Arizona

A short distance south of Aguila, Arizona along Eagle Eye Road, we arrived at the trailhead for visiting two abandoned Arizona mines. We were with a contingent of off-roading enthusiasts, like ourselves. We were the only Jeep; the rest were side-by-sides but we’re all members of the North Ranch Outdoors Club, from the RV park where we winter.

We always look forward to any trips with the group that are suitable for our Jeep Wrangler. This particular run to the Purple Pansy and Black Rock Mines was just such a ride. Sadly, it would be our last ride with the group this season. But for good reason … soon we’ll be starting our migration back north … if the weather across the plains and the upper mid-west cooperates. Otherwise, we’ll have to hold up somewhere along the way.

Our first stop will be in Cottonwood, Arizona to meet up with friends and spend a few days riding trails in the surrounding area including Sedona. More on those treks will come later, for now let’s focus on the two abandoned Arizona mines we visited.

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