Where The Rubber Meets The Road

As you're going down the road, your life depends on your RV tires.

Among the most important items found on any RV, whether it’s a Pop-Up, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Towing Unit (used to pull RV) or Motorhome, are the tires which it rides on.

Given their importance to you and your rig's safety, your RV tires are often not given the priority of attention they require. Your life depends on them!

RV Water System Tune-Up

​Your RV water system begins at the point where you connect to the park's water spigot. As with every other system in your rig, it requires regular maintenance.

When we first started RVing we knew that it was a must to use a water filter to filter ALL of the water entering our rig. Not just for drinking but for ALL uses. A sediment filter helps to protect your water heater, toilet, shower, faucets, and ice maker, if you have one installed.

Enjoying the RV Life Near Tucson

Our latest visit to Tucson, Arizona has taken us to a few well-known places, but mostly off the beaten path to some fabulous, lesser known destinations. If birding or nature photography are among your interests, add these to your checklist of must-see spots within about an hour’s drive of Tucson, some within the city, itself.

Dark Door No More

Solar spot lights illuminate our RV entrance door.

For some time I have been using a solar spot light to illuminate the area around the entry door, using a bungee loop to secure it to the passenger side rear view mirror. Although this worked well, it didn’t provide light in the right areas when the door was open.  At times the motor home was facing a direction that didn’t allow the solar panel enough exposure to the sun.

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