Dump Station – Ewww!

At RV Parks & Campgrounds that DO NOT have sewer hookups, RVers undergo a routine of visiting the Dump Station on their way out…or as needed during their stay. It’s not the most pleasant of tasks, but it doesn’t have to be disgusting either if all RVers comply with the rules and do it properly.

Black tank contents overflowing basin...note drain basin plug is CLOSED!

Black tank contents overflowing the dump station basin…note drain basin plug is CLOSED!

Recently I witnessed two travel trailer owners dump without the use of a sewer hose even though the park rules mandated their use. I was standing in line with my portable tote and witnessed both. I even asked the owners why weren’t they using a hose and pointed out the instructions…their answer was – I don’t own a hose and never felt the need for one…I’ve always done it this way.

You as an RV owner need to be properly equipped! You need to have a sewer hose on board whenever and where ever you camp. It’s just as important of an item as is the power cord and the water hose…DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM!

RV dump stations aren't always constructed in a way to control spillage.

This basin doesn’t contain spillage. It flows onto the adjacent road and ground.

Some parks and campgrounds have a sewer dump station that has a basin…some of these ARE NOT suitable for just uncapping your discharge pipe and opening up the valve to let your sewer and gray water flow freely into the basin. They are there to help contain any discharge that might backup while dumping using a sewer drain hose and the appropriate fittings to accomplish the task.


The instructions are posted for a reason! Read and Heed!

READ THE SIGNAGE! Instructions for the proper disposal of your waste are posted…read them and comply with them. You might think nothing will happen, but your failure to comply could cause other campers problems and even possible health issues. Fines could be imposed on the park owners for your actions.

Part of the rustic charm of camping or living the RV life doesn’t include…the smell of sewage, an over full dumpster or people burning their trash. Yet there are those who think its okay to do so. It doesn’t enhance my camping experience…what about yours?


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