Las Vegas Thousand Trails

Las Vegas RV Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada
We visited this park on October 10, 2016, and stayed for 21 day(s).

A panoramic view of Las Vegas Thousand Trails from near the front gate.

Six lanes of traffic rush past the Last Vegas Thousand Trails entrance on Boulder Highway. On the northern border of the park four more lanes of heavy traffic continuously whiz by. The only break from traffic sounds are emergency sirens that punctuate the traffic din with some regularity every evening. The morning wake up call tends to be the daily trash truck emptying dumpsters around the park.

Outside the park, homeless souls with all their belongings in a shopping cart gather in shady spots along the roadways. I’ve never seen so many people on foot, some with their weeks groceries in whatever wheeled conveyance they could find as they make their way toward a bus stop. Pretty girls in high heels and short skirts chat on cell phones near the street or strut their stuff on the corners.

No, it’s not the pretty side of Vegas. It’s noisy and crowded, and outside of the park you probably wouldn’t want to walk around at night. But the park has a 24 hour staffed gate and only one entrance. Three stands of barbed wire extend above the concrete block walls on the remainder of its perimeter. Inside the park feels like a safe zone.

Our stay here was work related. We were in town to work an event and we appreciated having an affordable, convenient, and safe place to crash after 13 hour work days. We stuck around for two additional weeks to have a little time to visit Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and to get caught up on some work that required a good Internet connection.

Las Vegas Thousand Trails is big rig friendly, but barely. Turns are tight and the roads are narrow. Sites are extremely close together with barely enough room to squeeze a vehicle between rigs for parking. It’s packed tight, and as soon as a site vacates a new rig takes its place.

The pool, hot tub, and activity center were closed on this visit due to unplanned renovations. A storm earlier this year toppled a large tree, causing damage to these facilities. Management expects renovations to be completed soon, and having that pool and hot tub available will make a big difference.

All said, we’re anxious to move on. We’ve taken enough photos of beautiful rock formations and airplanes for now. We’re not city folks, not gamblers, and are more than ready to stay someplace where we want to be outside at night.

Shari Voigt

Shari Voigt is an author, website developer, and marketing consultant. She's been working and living on the road with her husband Gerald since July 25, 2013. When she's not working on the latest marketing idea for herself or her customers, she's exploring new places and meeting new people from all over the USA.