A Level RV Is Important For Many Reasons

You probably know that having a level RV is necessary for the proper operation of such appliances as your refrigerator. The refrigerator’s compressor needs to be level to properly process the ammonia or other refrigerant through the cooling system to keep your freezer frozen and your groceries cold.

Wouldn't it be great if all RV dump stations were as easy to use as this one?

Two lanes reduce waiting time and they are fairly level too.

Although we try to stay at campgrounds and RV parks with full hookups, we often find ourselves at places that require one to trek to the dump station, get pumped out, or run back and forth with the tote to empty our holding tanks. We’ve seen some nice dump stations and some that…well, lets say they just aren’t conducive with getting everything out of one’s holding tanks.

But did you know that you really should also be level when you dump your holding tanks? Most never give it a thought but it could be the cause of some of the clogging issues many are seeking solutions for on the various forums and social media platforms.

Uses jacks as necessary to have a level RV at the dump station.

Raising the right side and front was required here due to the slope of the parking lot.

Let me try to illustrate to you what happens when you dump your holding tanks without the rig being level.

If the drain side is too low, the solids in the tank could create a blockage that won’t allow the tank to empty completely. Hence you find the tank filling up faster than expected.

If the drain side is too high, the solids will settle to the farthest point from the drain, allowing only the liquids to run off and exit the tank. This leaves the waste solids to solidify and never evacuate the tank without some extraordinary measures to remove the crusty residue….the dreaded cone of crap.

This owner knows that being level helps him get the most out of his holding tanks when emptying.

Having a level RV means not only side to side, but front to back as well. It doesn’t take much of an angle to prevent the waste from properly and completely exiting through the dump valve and down into drain.

Ideally you want your rig as level as possible front to back and side to side to ensure all of the holding tanks contents remain suspended together and exit completely.

A level RV drains efficiently.

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