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Little Things That Lead To Big Problems

Replacing a broken zerk fitting.

It may seem insignificant at the moment, but some of the littlest things can lead to big and expensive problems if not discovered and dealt with immediately.

A while back, our coach was due for its annual servicing…oil and filter changes. During the process the servicing shop discovered that while lubricating the dozen or so lube points under the coach, we had a broken Zerk fitting on the drive shaft – totally broken off and missing.

This Inexpensive Tool Could Save Your Life

An RV tire pressure tip: An inexpensive, readily available tool keeps your valve stems tight.

Maintaining proper RV tire pressure is crucial to avoiding costly tire repairs/failures and potentially lethal accidents. While many add a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to their RV, this little tool is just as important, whether you have a TPMS or not.

As part of my pre-departure inspection, I check the tire pressure in all twelve tires (six on the coach, two on the dolly and four on the car) before we pull out. The other morning set out to go do some grocery shopping. Right after we left, our Honda’s internal TPMS flagged me as to having a tire with low pressure. Sure enough, after pulling over, it was obviously low. So, I turned around and pulled back into the RV park to air up the tire.

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