Beyond The Pavement – A Trek Thru The Desert

We started off February with another great trek through the desert in the local area around Wickenburg, Arizona. Morristown, AZ is located on highway US 60 just northwest of the greater Phoenix area, not far from Wickenburg. There are several destinations in this area between Morristown and Vulture Peak accessible only by foot or Off Road vehicles. These include mountains, caves, natural arches, mines, wildlife and plenty of trails to access them.

This time we give you two different videos of this trek, first is an overview of sorts of our ride, this gives you a sense of the terrain we traverse that is often lost in our “dashcam” videos as everything appears flat.

The second video is from our “dashcam,” showing of some of the highlights of the ride.

We made a side trip to a Natural Arch, we watched a group of OHVs (side by sides) coming down the steep trail from the arch.


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Gerald Voigt

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