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Beyond The Pavement-Harquahala Mountain

Jeep On Mtn Top

Harquahala Mountain, (Hark-wa-hala) is a 5681’ peak near Aguila, Arizona. It is located southwest of Aguila, Arizona between US Highway 60 and Eagle Eye Rd which intersect in Aguila. To access the mountain’s peak you start at the trailhead off Eagle Eye Road. There you will find a parking area as well as informational plaques, picnic tables and a pit toilet. This is the only toilet on the route!

The “Byway” up the mountain to the peak is recommended for Off Highway Vehicles or 4×4 vehicles. The trail/road is gravel with areas of loose rock, sand and dirt. This trail/road is not recommended during inclement weather, especially periods of heavy rain or snow. It is a shelf type road along most of its length, meaning there are steep drop-offs alongside. There are pull offs to allow vehicles to pass going in opposite directions or to allow faster moving ones to get around you. Some of the switch back turns can present a challenge for longer wheelbase full-sized vehicles.

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