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So Many Choices – Life on the Open Road

One thing I hadn’t expected was the overwhelming number of options we can choose from on a daily basis with this RV lifestyle. Back in our sticks and bricks home, we chose when we wanted to go to the grocery store, which trail we wanted to walk for the day, whether we would shower first or work first … all the mundane stuff, right? We still have those choices on the road, of course, but now there are so many more.

Going from Point A to Point B: The first leg of our journey took us to Loveland, CO, by way of our customer’s address in Liberty, MO. That was fairly straight forward … a finite number of days to get where we needed to be determined our route. Finding our stopover point for the night was the daily adventure, and we found some nice ones. Still, I found it a little stressful to navigate using only my Allstays app and Google Maps. I didn’t expect that.

Nature’s Wrath

lidhail copyLast evening while we were out exploring a severe thunderstorm came through the area and as a result it dumped golf ball sized hail on the RV Park where we were staying. This morning while opening the bathroom ceiling vent cover, Shari noticed a hole in the cover. Further inspection from above showed not only one hole, but a section of the edge lip broken off as well. With the possibility of more bad weather, mostly rain this cover needed immediate repair or replacement.

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