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Wear Those Seat Belts!

RV Security and Safety Badge.

I know that many of you never wear and never will wear your seat belt. Are you prepared for the consequences? A pretty harsh question, but in recent weeks there have been many reports of RVers being involved in collisions resulting in being ejected from the vehicle they were riding/driving in. Some of these were motorhomes, their towed, their tow vehicles or the OHV they use for fun.

It has been decades since I took driver’s education, but I still remember the movies shown in class, such as “Room To Live,” where the host explained that by staying confined inside the vehicle even in horrific accidents, the occupants survived. I have included that video in this post and it still has relevance today.

One Mistake After Another

There’s a learning curve to RVing, as in most things. For full-time RVers the learning curve can be steep. Your rig is your primary dwelling. Once damaged you’re out a home and a vehicle until it’s fixed or replaced.

Because of this, we tend to publish cautionary tales – things we notice that could save you money and heartache. Please don’t confuse this with being critical or poking fun. Rest assured, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes along the way that probably left others shaking their heads too.

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