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Chicago On A Budget

We’re just back from a fun, whirlwind vacation over the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago on a budget plan. I didn’t think it could be done, but with a little planning and a spirit of adventure, we pulled it off. What’s more, we’d do it again…and it has me wondering what other big cities we can explore on The Cheap.

The Challenge: Visit the major attractions in three days, no driving, a few meals out, and experience Chicago’s culture first hand.

Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon is located just a few miles east of Ft. Payne, Alabama. This National Preserve holds one of the nation’s longest rivers which starts in the mountains to the north and winds its way down through eastern Alabama. Centuries of water erosion of the sandstone has made for a deep narrow canyon that offers spectacular views both from the river and from the rim of the canyon.

Our Afternoon in Punta Gorda

Laishley Municipal Harbor in Punta Gorda.

We’re quick to tell folks that we’re still working – nowhere near ready for retirement; Yet all work and no play make for a boring life, not at all compatible with full-time RVing. So, we make time to get away on a regular basis – whether that be to explore a nearby park, town, wildlife sanctuary, or simply to hang out with friends. One day last week, we chose Punta Gorda as our getaway and enjoyed an afternoon with Christine and Bruce, friends we met last summer in Pennsylvania.

Florida Flywheelers Village

If you are into antiques, especially old cars, engines, tractors and farm machinery, you need to visit the Florida Flywheelers Village near Fort Meade, Florida. During the winter months they have something each month between November and February. Just the other day a friend and I ventured a short drive from our campground in Wauchula to visit their Antique Engine & Tractor Show. It’s a huge event! Well worth the $7.00 admission fee to get onto the grounds.

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