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Colorado National Monument

Coke ovens, fins, and canyon walls at Colorado National Monument.

It was threatening rain the day we decided to tour the Colorado National Monument. We thought about staying home, but it was now or never, so we packed a lunch, threw our rain gear in the car, and set out to at least drive through the area. By doing so, we witnessed a rare treat – and it was instantly obvious why one must beware of flash flooding while exploring new areas. 

Grand Mesa National Forest

Clowning around with our cameras at Grand Mesa National Forest.

Before our unexpected week-long stay in Grand Junction, Colorado, we didn’t even know Grand Mesa National Forest existed. The clerk at the front desk of our KOA mentioned it as one of the places we must see while in the area. Thank goodness for locals! 

Mammoth Cave National Park

In 1838 tours were conducted by lamplight.

One of the perks of working on the road and living the full-time RV life is discovering wondrous places you didn't even know existed. That's been our experience three times this past month, first at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, then at an almost accidental one-week stop in the Grand Junction, Colorado area. I'll post more about that second stop in the future.

Niagara Falls Pictorial

Spring is a great time to visit Niagara Falls if you’re prepared for any variation in weather. We arrived Friday, May 6, 2016 and were never quite sure whether to go out in T-shirts or sweatshirts and jackets. We settled somewhere in the middle, which was right about half of the time, but it didn’t matter. The views are spectacular. We were so glad to have made this trip.

An RV Blog Post Experiment

Since early July we’ve covered well over 4200 miles, going from Wisconsin to Nebraska to work a trade show, then to Ohio to work another event, and finally to Portland, Oregon where we worked our largest event yet. In between, we’ve called on lots of stores in our role of manufacturer’s representatives. We’ve set a dizzying pace, and have completely worn ourselves out a couple of times. But after a couple days rest, we’re always ready to get back in the thick of it. Our work is rewarding and whether crazy busy or not, this mobile lifestyle can’t be beat. Currently, Jerry and I are in the Seattle area, mixing work with pleasure and feeling very blessed to get to do what we do.

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