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Norcold Refrigerator Recall

A service tech completes the Norcold refrigerator recall service on our motorhome.Recently on our Facebook page I mentioned we were in the shop to have our refrigerator serviced after learning about a factory RECALL on several models. Well, let me explain what this Norcold refrigerator recall is about.

It seems that there has been at least one incident of a refrigerator causing an RV fire and Norcold was proactive at addressing the situation. We learned about the recall on Facebook and we’re glad that often old information is new again because of the Internet, otherwise we wouldn’t have known about it. The Norcold refrigerator recall occurred some time ago, but our motorhome’s previous owner may or may not have been aware of the recall notice. The recall advised that owners stop using their affected (model/serial number specific) Norcold unit immediately…but that wasn’t possible for us at the time.

Tires, Tired Or Otherwise

Safety first: Know your RV tire age and replace before they age out.

Treat them as if YOUR LIFE is riding on them! It is. Whatever you drive or tow make sure that your tires are in good to excellent condition. That includes making sure they are properly inflated and aligned.

Use the proper tire; don’t assume the manufacturer used the proper ones, for often they opt to install RV tires that meet the minimum requirements at the lowest cost for them to increase their profitability. This puts you and your rig in jeopardy based on a standard they set as acceptable.

Things To Look For When Buying An RV pt III

A major piece of optional equipment many want or find in the RV they are considering to purchase is a generator. RV Generators can be powered by gasoline, diesel or LPG and require maintenance to keep them in tip top condition so that they start and run when you need them.

RV GeneratorWhen doing your pre-purchase inspection, you need to take a look at these items when it comes to checking the RV generator:

Things To Look For When Buying An RV pt II

Pay special attention to what's in your RV battery compartment.

Life in a modern RV depends upon electricity, whether it be shore power or internal power delivered by its batteries. Some trailers have one or two batteries, while motor homes will have several, often two separate RV battery systems. One provides an electrical source for the chassis that is used to start the motor and functions as it would in any conventional vehicle. The other set of batteries power the house and its lighting and appliances.

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