Idling Etiquette

Do your neighbors a favor and minimize how long they'll be exposed to your diesel exhaust fumes .

If you own a motorhome, especially a diesel pusher you are required to start the engine to pressurize the air system. Many require the motor running to actuate slides and raise the leveling jacks or adjust the air leveling system.

Diesel Exhaust Fumes

More than once I have witnessed motorhome owners leave their coaches idle for prolonged periods of time. This is is not only annoying to the neighbors but can put them at risk as well. The diesel exhaust fumes (especially when parked close together) can make its way into the neighboring rigs through open window and vents. Like smoke from a skunky fire or grill…your diesel exhaust fumes are sucked in much quicker if an exhaust fan inside the coach happens to be operating.

Plan your tasks and do them quickly as possible to minimize the time that your motorhome is idling. Pressurize your air system, pull your jacks up and your slides in, then shut the engine off. While the coach is idling is not the time to take your pet for one last walk to potty, your trash to the dumpster, argue with your traveling companion(s) or stand and chat with a passerby.  You can do those things with the engine off!

Please show consideration for your neighbors, just as you expect them to show you. Thank you, and happy RVing!

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