Do You Travel with your RV Fresh Water Tank Full?

The RV fresh water tank.

There are two schools of thought about traveling with water in your RV fresh water tank; some think, “why carry the additional weight and burn more fuel hauling it? You can always fill up once you reach your destination.” Well, as a pilot I learned early on in my flying that anything behind you, especially a runway, does you no good when you just lost your engine during takeoff. Same holds true for water. Do desert nomads wait or let their camels drink their fill before setting out across the vast empty desert? They let them fill up!

If you have a good safe supply of water, I say FILL UP your water tank. You never know if you’ll find yourself stranded or arrive at your destination only to find water shortages or contamination (boil water notice) issues. Imagine your RV overheating forcing you to pull over, it lost all or most of its engine coolant. If you have a source of water with you, you can supplement the engine cooling system enough to get you some place down the road for service.

So, for the few bucks it costs to tote the extra weight think about this: How much are you willing to spend if you find yourself somewhere needing water and there isn’t a drop to be found?

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