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Both new and seasoned RVers have questions – lots of them. As you browse, this FAQs about RVing archive, we hope you’ll also find some answers.

Some of these questions are ours; others we hear asked again and again on Facebook and other forums. If you find this information useful, we hope you’ll chime in and let us know – as well as offer your own insights or your own questions.

Winds Is It Too Much

Things to consider before driving in high winds.

This time of year as autumn provides us with vivid colors, seasonal winds pick up and remind us that winter is coming. For many of us RVers this is the time of year we begin the journey to our ‘wintering grounds’ and that means we could find ourselves dealing with these seasonal breezes.

A gentle breeze is a wonderful thing while sitting around your RV; it helps to keep you cool and the bugs away. But when it’s more than a breeze, wind is something you need to be keenly aware of, whether your RV is parked or you’re driving it down the road.

Apps for RVers

Smartphone apps for RVers.

Not too long ago, trip planning would have required paper maps, cumbersome, heavy campground directories, and lots of phone calls. These days we can get the job done with a few reliable smartphone apps for RVers. We get asked about this frequently, so I’ve compiled a list of the apps we use and why we use them. You’ll notice that not all of them are exclusively for the RVer, but all of them make the cut because we find them particularly useful in our full-time RV lifestyle.

Who Should Work On Your Rig?

You either own, or plan to own an RV. At some point just as with a car or a house you’re going to have to have or want something fixed, serviced or replaced. Whether you’re full timing it or not, taking it back to the manufacturer or dealership where it was purchased isn’t always a viable option…and if you bought from a private party, well as soon as your rigs tail lights were out of sight so ended the return policy.

So who do you turn to, to have repairs made? This is a question many of us ask ourselves and others are seeking the answer to, usually in desperation because an immediate need exists or you are still investigating whether or not the RV lifestyle is something you want to invest in.

Driving A Motorhome

Driving a motorhome - the driver's seat.

Is Driving a Class A Motorhome Intimidating?

For me, not in the least. I have no fear of driving a motorhome or other big vehicle. In fact, I have driven some large and unique ones in my time – everything from specialized cargo handling equipment to semi truck and trailer. Fortunately, our 38′ Holiday Rambler Ambassador is very easy to drive and quite agile for its size.

When driving a motorhome, you must be conscious of the real estate it takes to make turns, as well as its height on streets or roadways. Low hanging tree limbs, overpasses and wires can snag and damage its roof mounted accessories. And all we’ve all seen too many pictures of big rigs completely tearing off their roof when a bridge clearance is insufficient!

Do You Travel with your RV Fresh Water Tank Full?

The RV fresh water tank.

There are two schools of thought about traveling with water in your RV fresh water tank; some think, “why carry the additional weight and burn more fuel hauling it? You can always fill up once you reach your destination.” Well, as a pilot I learned early on in my flying that anything behind you, especially a runway, does you no good when you just lost your engine during takeoff. Same holds true for water. Do desert nomads wait or let their camels drink their fill before setting out across the vast empty desert? They let them fill up!

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