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If you have been following us on Facebook, you already know that we’ve added a new travel companion to accompany us on our RVing journey.  Meet Maggie, she’s a full-blood German Shepherd that we acquired from a breeder in North Central Texas on our stop there back in March to visit family.

We are all too familiar with German Shepherds, she’s our fourth so we’re well versed with life with one.

She’s been with us now for a little over three months at the time of this post. She has adapted well to our mobile lifestyle. Fortunate for us, she was easily house broken. She also didn’t need much redirection to avoid chewing on the interior of the coach…except us. She’s a typical GSD…aka…land shark, something we are working on and seeing improvement in as she gets older and learns right from wrong.

As for traveling, from day one she has traveled well while riding in the back of the Jeep during our long commutes to and from to visit family during our stay in Texas. Her first trip in the coach was without incident, but she did find it weird to watch the walls close in as we prepared to hit the road. Recently, she has discovered windows offer a view of what’s outside. She’s ever vigilant to what is going on around us, which is an attribute of having a GSD.

Having her along has changed our daily and travel routines…we get more exercise which is good. On our trip from Texas to Wisconsin we had to make more stops to accommodate her needs, but as she gets older we’ll be able to reduce the number of stops enroute between locations.



She has bonded with us and we feel she’ll be a great companion that is protective and someday will be able to be helpful in whatever way we train her to do for us.

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