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Hobbies And Interests On The Road: Plane Spotting

My interest in aviation and plane spotting is probably traceable in my DNA. I’m one of those who when they hear an airplane scan the sky to spot it. I can stand outside an airport watching and snapping images of airplanes as they come and go for hours on end. Sit watching the sky for two aircraft high up whose paths might cross each others trying to capture an image of the two as they do. Or the most challenging, capture one passing in front of the moon.

Scale Modeling – A Hobby Suitable For RVing

A scale modeling work in process.

Some of you might wonder what you’re going to do during those times when it’s pouring rain, there’s nothing on television, the other half is engrossed in some interest of their own and you find yourself bored. Yeah, there will be times when RVing when you will experience some boredom.  Well, a hobby that I’ve been associated with since I was a kid is scale modeling. Building plastic scale models has been a huge part of my life. It’s not only been a way to relax, but also has led to a source of self-employment in one way or another for us both over the past decade or two.

Roadside Assistance – HELP When You Need It

Don't be caught without roadside assistance when you need it.

You may never have had the need for Roadside Assistance before becoming RVers. If you have never traveled more than a short distance away from where you live, you were just a phone call away from a friend or family member or a local business who could come to your aide. But once you begin traveling longer distances or possibly go on the road as Full-timers, you REALLY NEED to have it.

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