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RV Trip Planning: Situational Awareness

Old school RV trip planning.

It’s crucial to combine your RV trip planning with situational awareness.

It wasn’t all that long ago when social media and the news (western states) were requesting help locating an elderly couple on a road trip – Ron & Beverly Barker and their Class C motorhome towing a Kia sedan. Sadly, it didn’t end well. Ron passed away as they waited for someone to find them.

This is so sad, but it’s also a teaching opportunity or at the very least, a reminder to help other RVers avoid what turned into a life-or-death situation.

Below I am sharing a video that shed some insight as to what might have happened to them. The folks in the video volunteered to recover the RV, tow dolly and car from where they were found.

COMMUNICATIONS Should Be Your Number 1 Priority

RV Security and Safety Badge.

Last evening a familiar sound filled the air, a helicopter making its way towards the park. This isn’t unusual as we are in a direct line of flight between the Greater Phoenix area and Kingman, AZ / Las Vegas, NV. Medical evacuation helicopters travel this corridor transferring patients to and from along with those they might need to pick up in the surrounding area.

On occasion, one will land here at the Escapees North Ranch RV Park to pickup someone. Sometimes they are residents/guest of the park or trauma patients involved in an accident nearby.

To Tote Water Or Not

We prefer to carry a full tank of fresh water as possible as we travel and I’ll tell you why in a bit. I’m asked often do we andhow much water we carry while traveling. Every RVer has their reasons why they do or do not. I have met RV’ers who have never put water into their freshwater tank, some say its because they only travel park to park and never boondock so there is no need.

Like any mechanical device or system, if you don’t use it, it will likely fail or not work properly when you do try to use it. Think about this as it applies to when you want to trade it in or sell the unit.

Some have said they don’t want to have to deal with the sanitation process. Most report that they just don’t want to pay for the additional gas/fuel it takes to carry the weight it adds to their RV going down the road. For some, those being bumper pulled trailers it is also a matter of weight distribution. Too much weight on the hitch or too much weight aft of the axle(s) can cause control issues, the latter causing uncontrollable oscillation.

Beyond The Pavement-Harquahala Mountain

Jeep On Mtn Top

Harquahala Mountain, (Hark-wa-hala) is a 5681’ peak near Aguila, Arizona. It is located southwest of Aguila, Arizona between US Highway 60 and Eagle Eye Rd which intersect in Aguila. To access the mountain’s peak you start at the trailhead off Eagle Eye Road. There you will find a parking area as well as informational plaques, picnic tables and a pit toilet. This is the only toilet on the route!

The “Byway” up the mountain to the peak is recommended for Off Highway Vehicles or 4×4 vehicles. The trail/road is gravel with areas of loose rock, sand and dirt. This trail/road is not recommended during inclement weather, especially periods of heavy rain or snow. It is a shelf type road along most of its length, meaning there are steep drop-offs alongside. There are pull offs to allow vehicles to pass going in opposite directions or to allow faster moving ones to get around you. Some of the switch back turns can present a challenge for longer wheelbase full-sized vehicles.

Look What Has Joined Us

If you have been following us on Facebook, you already know that we’ve added a new travel companion to accompany us on our RVing journey.  Meet Maggie, she’s a full-blood German Shepherd that we acquired from a breeder in North Central Texas on our stop there back in March to visit family.

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