Morning Visitors

We were told to expect to see Wild Turkeys and Deer wandering around the place when we checked in. Until this morning only the Wild Turkeys had graced us with their appearance several times a day. Well this morning Shari looked out the window to see a small group of deer. I quickly stopped doing what I was doing (editing images) and grabbed my camera. I spent a good half hour watching and taking pictures of these deer.

Then while we were eating breakfast I noticed as I sat at the dinette, our resident Red Squirrel who we had spotted on occasion was harvesting acorns from a tree just outside our window. Nature waits for no one, so again I grabbed up my camera to snap some shots of it as it worked so hard. Sometimes letting the eggs and bacon get cold is well worth the return. I captured several great personable images of that little cute!

Who would have thought that a large motor home would turn out to be such a great photographer’s shooters blind.


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Gerald Voigt

Gerald's interests are wide and varied. His work career started in the United States Air Force and since then has worked in logistics management, retail & service management as well as manufacturing. He's an author, photographer, pilot, radio show host and marketing consultant who enjoys RVing which allows him greater freedom to explore, meet new acquaintances and serve his clients.