RV Window Screens

You probably don’t even give it a thought, but your RV window screens are your first defense against dirt, dust and other particulates floating around in the air. Keeping them clean has two important purposes: First, the air flow through the open windows will be more efficient. Second, you’ll breath better.

Now consider how much air moves through those screens. RVers tend to use their roof exhaust fans to vent out the warm air, and in order for air (and the heat and moisture it holds) to escape, air has to be coming into the rig…through the screens. That constant cycle of of airflow causes the screens to load up with dust, pollen and other things floating around in the air quicker than if you’re using the air conditioning. If you live in areas where there are a lot of Cottonwood trees, you know how quickly it can stick to window screens.

Campfires, grills and other smoke producing sources also contribute to your window screens residue build up. If you can smell the smoke of the fire or grill on the inside, it’s coming through those screens and it’s leaving residue on them.

So what to do about it: Close those windows closest to the source of the smoke to prevent it from being drawn in. Make sure when washing the rig, to give the screens a thorough wash and rinse. You might also need to remove the screens and wash them separately to really get them clean. Here is how I do it:

It's easiest to rinse your RV window screens in the shower.Fill a suitable container with water and dish soap. A large bowl or dishpan will work fine, along with a dishcloth or soft brush used for cleaning dishes. Using the dishcloth or brush, work in the soapy water, being sure to scrub every square inch of the screen’s surface. Rinse well with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

After washing, dry your RV window screens with a lint free cloth.I did ours in the shower; it was easier than digging out the garden hose and running in and out as I prefer to do one window at a time. Once rinsed it’s ready to slip back into its window frame. After reinstalling it I wipe it off with a clean lint free towel to remove any excess water the screen holds onto.

You and your rig will breath easier and your window(s) to the world will provide a less obstructed view.

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