That Morning Coffee

Coffee for many of us is an essential requirement to start our day. There are many ways to make that morning cup and new RVers are often heard to ask how. Well, the same way you do in a sticks and bricks. You can use any method although you will need to give consideration to such things as space and energy source necessary to brew.

Our primary method of brewing our morning cup is using the same Mr Coffee coffee maker we had in our house before going on the road. It occupies one corner of the kitchen counter. When traveling it and the toaster that sits beside it are placed on anti-slip pad, turned so the carafe faces the wall. This keeps the carafe from bouncing out of the coffee maker. After six years and tens of thousands of miles its never budged.

Our second method when we aren’t hooked up to shore power or wanting to run the generator is a good quality (heavy stainless steel) Percolator that we use on our gas stove. Old school still tastes good if you know how to do it right!

Lastly, as a backup or when making a pot isn’t required we have a neat little device that a friend gave us as a gift that allows us to make drip coffee one cup at a time. All one has to do is boil water and slowly pour it into the brewer which holds a filter and the grounds, sits on top of the cup one is filling. A gap allows you to monitor the amount of coffee in the cup as it fills.

Regardless of what equipment you use to make your coffee, you’ll need to consider what space is necessary to use it and how much space is needed to stow it away to prevent damage while wheeling down the highway. RVing and Camping is better with a good hot cup of Joe so its worth having the resources along to make it.


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Gerald Voigt

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