TIP: Area Lighting On The Cheap

You probably have seen or are even using some of those inexpensive solar lights to personalize your site. They provide a sense of security when you home or returning home after dark. Many parks and campground don’t want you hanging things on trees, but there are times when those lights staked into the ground just isn’t enough to illuminate what you want seen.

lampliftWell I have a solution. Raise up those lights using inexpensive, light and easily stored plastic fence stakes available at most hardware, gardening and home improvement centers. It just so happens that with a little trimming either with a pocket or utility knife, sandpaper or file you can slip the lamp portion over the end of the plastic fence stake. Do a little careful test fitting while at the store as the stakes come in various diameters depending on the length you want.

I  used a couple to anchor the corners of our patio mat to keep it from blowing away. Combined with one staked next to it in the ground you get ample soft light coverage of the area. I also have one staked adjacent to the motor home’s road side to add a little extra security illumination. Having them elevated like this also keeps one from clumsily trampling over them unintentionally. 😉

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