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With many of the better known RV and camping retailers releasing their new 2015 catalogs, many of you are thumbing or scrolling through the pages dreaming of all of the RVing STUFF you want or need for your RVing pleasure or maintenance. While these places offer good selection and some are conveniently located near you, they may not be the best place to shop if you’re trying to stretch your hard earned dollars.

2015-03-19_1703I also like to browse through those catalogs, but I’m more likely to shop where I get a better or competitive price; I don’t have to drive a fair bit to get it (fuel costs money and time is short) only to find it’s out of stock or a special order item. I prefer to let my fingers do the walking, and it’s not through the Yellow Pages but using the keys on my computer and the Internet.

Amazon offers just about everything you’d ever want regardless of your interest. No, I’m not an employee of Amazon, but I do support those businesses that give me great service and they fit the bill. Full disclosure…we recommend specific products on our web pages using Amazon’s affiliate links. What does that mean? We receive a very small percentage of your purchase, although it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Recently it was time to service our motorhome’s generator. I was able to pick up the oil at nearby Walmart and Shari ordered the filters from Amazon, along with the other things she needed. Many of the things she routinely orders aren’t easily sourced locally, and given we change locations frequently it’s nice to have a go-to resource that delivers quickly no matter where we might be. Since we order frequently, we are Amazon Prime members…this gives us a host of benefits besides faster shipping for less. Visit Amazon to learn more about Prime.

Anyway, the filters arrived and it took me all of thirty minutes to change the oil and filter on the generator. This was a huge savings over having it serviced by someone else or even if I would have ordered the supplies from one of those who specialize in RVing stuff. The more I save, the more we have to spend elsewhere in our travels. Oh, and before some of you assume the items being supplied are inferior, non-brand name replacements…think again. These were brand name/OEM parts from suppliers that use Amazon as a store front for their business. Many of them are small, family-owned businesses found on Main Street, USA.

If there is something you really need quick or the local retailer has a deal on it, by all means shop local when and where you can. But remember, like other industries…once you attach ‘RV’ to something product related…it goes up in price.

In the case of my rig’s mechanical supplies…I refer to the owners manual or the specs from the manufacturer: Onan for the generator and Cummins for the engine. I simply get the OEM part number and type that into the search bar on Amazon and it suggests the part I need to order. If there are any discrepancy in the part numbers, look them up online through another supplier or the manufacturer to make sure you have the latest and proper part number.

If you’ve done minor preventative maintenance on your automobiles, then you shouldn’t have any problem doing them on your rig. There is a sense of personal accomplishment in doing so. Travel safe and shop where you get the best deal for your buck!


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