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IMG_2222ex4So you’ve taken the step and purchased an RV…now is the perfect time to start a journal or logbook for your rig. A diary of sorts, tracking your mileage, service and repairs. You can also jot down instructions for tasks that you rarely perform, yet need to remember how to do. Your log can also contain your various checklists, so you don’t forget an important step in your RVing adventures.

You don’t need anything fancy, just a simple notebook from the school or office supply section of your favorite retailer.

I track everything related to the operation and maintenance of our motorhome. Example:

January 25th, 2014-Replaced Floor Flange Seal on toilet. Also replaced fitting on water supply line that broke when moving the toilet. Two hours labor. Cleaned and organized the main storage bay.

Feb 17th, 2014- FOGGY @ TT Lake Medina, Lake Hills TX.  33942.6 oil, coolant and tire pressure checks performed…all okay.

March 17th Replaced burnt out porch lamp. Bulb type #1156.

March 25th – Ran Generator today for monthly check. (31.6 TT) Caulked roof seams. Check battery water levels.

By keeping a log you have a valuable tool and asset that you can refer back to when a question arises or you’re needing documentation for a claim for work performed or item purchased.

The hardest part of a logbook is remembering to stay in the habit of making entries into it, but it’s something worth doing for many reasons. I started ours using a free calendar from a business we patronized. I’ve since filed that one away and now use a plain, small Mead notebook.




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