That Just Doesn’t Look Right

I’ve been waiting to reach a stopover location that afforded me the opportunity to do some much needed service work and preventative maintenance. Today was that day, I was able to service the generator after a period of prolonged hard use.


The arrow shows the bolt that had worked it way loose and how far it had backed out.

With that task complete I crawled under the rig with grease gun in hand to give all of the lube points a shot of grease. I was pulling the trigger for the second time when I notice something that just doesn’t look right…and I was right! One of the bolts that hold the bearing caps on the drive shaft was sticking out about a quarter of an inch. NOT good! Had the cap bolts completely loosened and fallen away the bearing cap would have also slung off as the drive shaft spun. This would cause a catastrophic failure which could lead to serious and expensive damage, probably in a location not conducive to one’s convenience or well being.


While you are lubing the zerks (arrow) be sure to check to make sure none of the bolts are loose.

I tightened it and all of the others to make sure they were tightly in place. I will make it a point to watch these closer to see if it is a trend or just a one time event.  I know a majority of RVers don’t do their own repairs or preventative care but if you do if you see something That Just Doesn’t Look Right it probably isn’t and you need to address it immediately. Its better to be safe than sorry. Its the little issues that add up into causing bigger ones.


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Gerald Voigt

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