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Product Review: GOstick Suction Cup Accessory Mounts

Let me preface this post with something I always tell people…”NEVER lean, place or rest anything against the side of your rig as it could cause potential damage to your rig when you least expect it.” I have seen what leaning a broom handle, bicycle or even the awning hook against the side of a rig can do when the rig moves slightly or settles. It can cause scratching, gouging and even tears in the skin of the RV … damage that is not easily reversed or repaired!

This images shows the various applications, including the easy to use television mount.

However, we’re always looking for a convenient way to place things we need in places they weren’t designed to be placed. When I saw this product at the 2015 Florida RV SuperShow I was intrigued, and immediately saw its many practical applications. It provides a feasible, affordable and damage free way to temporarily attach items to the exterior and interior of your rig.  I’m talking about the GOstik suction cup accessory mounts from GOstik Products, LLC.

Product Review: Thetford SmartTote 27LX

If you stay at any park without sewer hookups or boondock a limiting factor to your stay is the capacity of your rig’s waste holding tanks. Once they are full, you either have to move your rig to the dump station or have the dump station (honey wagon) come to you. One is a real inconvenience, the other can be costly depending on where you are and what they charge for the service of pumping out your tanks.

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