Earning a Living on the Road

Working on the road.

Many of the folks we meet on the road are retired, but not all. And we definitely are not retired! There is no shortage of ways to earn income while you travel.

How We Do It

My cat Emma 'helping' me get some work done.

I have to watch what keystrokes Emma adds to whatever I may be writing!

Jerry and I are self-employed, owners of Zero To Sixty Marketing LLC. Not all businesses lend themselves to travel, but ours does. All we need are our laptops, his camera, an internet connection and a decent cell phone signal.

On any given day, we might be writing, working on websites, designing email campaigns, designing ads and marketing pieces, cruising the countryside taking photos, or representing our hobby manufacturing customers through demos at trade shows, events, and in stores. It’s never dull, and if we need a break, we take one. This is not a 9 – 5 endeavor and we’ve built the business around our RVing lifestyle.

Gerald and Shari at the IPMS National Convention 2013.

Here we are representing Xuron at the IPMS National Convention in Loveland, CO.

Many other businesses suit themselves to this lifestyle. Some craftsy/artistic folks sell their wares at weekend craft shows and flea markets. Others pursue multi-level marketing. Website design, photography, authoring books, Internet marketing, and RV-related services are just the tip of the iceberg.

Traveling Employees

Most of the working folks we’ve encountered fall into this category. We’ve met traveling RN’s that work in one location for a few months, then move on to the next. In Texas, we met men who move from one campground to the next to work on oil rigs. In Colorado, we met an engineer and his wife. His job takes him anywhere in the country for months at a time, so they moved into their fifth wheel and are home wherever they park it.

A short list of transient type jobs include gate guarding in Texas, working at Amazon during the busy season, workamping at most campgrounds – typically you work 10 hours/week per person in exchange for a full hookup site, but no wage. You could also apply for work through a temp agency and depending on the agency, have a job waiting wherever you travel.

RV Income Resources

You’ll find there’s an abundance of online resources related to earning a living on the road. Here are a few of our favorites from Facebook:

I’d love some feedback on this post from our RVing readers. Are you retired, semi-retired, or working your way across the USA? What ways have you found to make money on the road?

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Shari Voigt

Shari Voigt is an author, website developer, and marketing consultant. She's been working and living on the road with her husband Gerald since July 25, 2013. When she's not working on the latest marketing idea for herself or her customers, she's exploring new places and meeting new people from all over the USA.

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