Hard to Find Grocery Items

Paleo Shopping List.

The hardest part about maintaining a healthy Paleo diet on the road is finding specialty food items. Things like coconut butter, organic almond butter, a dependable brand of coconut milk, and even unsweetened shredded coconut may be available in one city, then absent from shelves in the next 10 grocery stores you visit.

Most grocery stores stock at least a few organic, grass-fed meats, vegetables and fruit. You can usually find at least one grocer carrying organic eggs, but organic grain free staples can be hard to come by. Today, I found a solution: Everything’s available on Amazon*. Sign up for Amazon Prime or order at least $35 worth and the shipping is free. My days without coconut butter are over!

*Note: This is an affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you any more to purchase through an affiliate link, but Amazon pays us a small commission for each sale, which helps keep the wheels on this bus turning. Thanks for you support!

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