Blind Spots – Motorhome

Regardless of the type of RV you drive or tow there are inherent blind spots that prevent you from seeing objects in your path or other motorist sharing the road.

One of the blind spots that I have had to deal with in our motorhome is the space right next to our front door. Even the rearview convex mirrors on the passenger side don’t provide sufficient coverage of the area. So if a small car or motorcycle is in the lane to our right, right next to the entry door it can’t be seen without my copilot looking to see if anything or anyone is there.

So to increase my visibility in that area I thought about adding another mirror but that is a very expensive and labor intensive modification. So I added a RearGuard prism to our entry door window. This provides an increased field of view which will allow me to see other vehicles and objects that might be lurking in that blind spot. In the picture you can see that when looking through the prism you can see a picnic table which is in relative position where a car would be traveling in the adjacent lane that I otherwise wouldn’t see.

The RearGaurd is a window cling, so its not permanent and can be reposition or transferred to another vehicle or window within a vehicle. This (RV-463 RearGuard Wide Angle Window Lens) is 6″x 8″ and retails for about $15 at most RV and auto supply stores.

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