RVing with the Changing Seasons

A child delights in the changing seasons.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love the way it smells, all spicy and woodsy. The motion of it: Leaves gently falling, golden, colorful, whispers on the wind. And what about those colors – golds, yellow, reds, browns – set against a brilliant, blue sky? What’s not to love about this time of year?

Remember how when we were kids, each autumn we’d rake up huge piles of leaves, then jump into the pile, scattering the results of our hard work everywhere? It was glorious, and worth every blister and sore muscle.

(The photo of a child jumping in the leaves is by Justin Young on Unsplash.)

From Winter Snow to Winter Warmth

Photo by Harry Renton on Unsplash

Back when we had our sticks and bricks home, autumn would give way to cold and blustery weather long before any appreciable snowfall. That always seemed like such a waste. If it’s going to be that cold, my perfect world would be blanketed in freshly fallen snow. Once upon a time winter was another favorite season. It meant sleds and snowmen and ice skating.

But as an adult, it was more about shoveling, defrosting and scraping ice off of car windows, and wearing spiked contraptions over boots so as not to slip on the ice. It was still pretty to look at, especially as those first slow and lazy flakes descended from the clouds, down past my window pane. But it wasn’t as much fun to play in.

Now, as full-time RVers, as autumn turns colder, we head south toward Florida, Texas, or Arizona. Other folks can winter camp in the snow, but that doesn’t sound like fun to us. We’ll go where it’s warmer, reconnect with old friends and make new ones, find new hiking trails and follow the back roads, hit the pool once in awhile, and live the good life in our home on wheels.

This year we’ll winter in Arizona again. We like the Verde Valley area and Tucson best. There’s plenty to do and to see, temperatures are moderate, good shopping and dining nearby, and it’s a short drive to wilderness. There’s even nearby snow, if we happen to miss it, on Mt. Lemmon (near Tucson) or Flagstaff.

Our Canadian friends Dee and Mike White in the snow on Mt. Lemmon

Spring – Again and Again

Spring is the season we get to experience the most of. We usually begin our journey north just as spring has bloomed beautiful in Texas. It’s lush and green when we set out, with new, vibrant growth shooting out in every direction, but within hours it seems we’ve turned back the clock. It’s colder, the trees still naked or in the very early stages of leafing out. We stop for a week or two, watch spring unfurl in all its glory, then head further north, repeating the process until we’re in our hometown area of Wisconsin for our final spring of the year.

Summer Dreams and Realities

Our summer dream is always to spend it with family, camping, hanging out, and enjoying all that Wisconsin has to offer. It’s a beautiful state, lush and green, with miles upon miles of rolling farmland. But our reality is usually camping in the most basic of campgrounds (with only an electric hookup) to be near our kids, then not seeing a whole lot of them due to work – theirs and ours. Can anyone relate? Still, hope springs eternal, and we’ll be back next year, and the next, and the year after that.

A storm rolls across rural farmland in Wisconsin.

Our Traveling Season

I used to shake my head in bewilderment at snowbirds. How could anyone not want to participate in all four seasons? Maybe that’s a Wisconsin point of pride. We all enjoy the ‘four seasons.’ Now I see seasons from a larger point of view – as in seasons of our lives. This time of wanderlust is our traveling season. When will it end? Where will it lead? What’s next? God only knows.

Many times, at the end of the day, I know the reason for that day. It’s a conversation with somebody who needed encouragement in the laundry room or somewhere along the trail. Sometimes it’s something that I needed to see so that I could understand what someone else is going through. Sometimes it’s my story, other times it’s theirs.

For now, it’s enough to live each day to the fullest, whatever the season, wherever we happen to be.

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