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There seems to be a sense of security among RVers: A belief that ALL of our fellow RVing neighbors are friendly and pose no threat to our person or property. Yes, in an perfect world that would be so, but in this imperfect world that’s not always the case.

How many times have you read on the RV and Camping forums or on social media pages about something stolen or someone’s rig being vandalized? I’m not saying that all of these cases involved a fellow RVer, but there a some who do.

Opportunity, Concealment and Avenue of Escape

Often the very proximity of an RV park or campground tends to provide those bent on theft and destruction the perfect scenario. Opportunity, Concealment and Avenue of Escape. Many times these are remote locations with easy access. A thief can drive right in through the entrance, and if not, via a side road, trail, path or waterway – any option that affords the thief a means to get away with the goods.

Then, too, there are cases of squatters who make themselves at home in your RV. They’ll use it as a hideout or lair for as long as they feel safe, the supplies last or they are discovered. They are likely to leave you a mess and possibly cause some expensive damage. Use your imagination as to what a human can do and leave behind in your rig if they had the chance.

I’ve talked to several RVers, both those with seasonal sites and those who travel, who have experienced firsthand someone breaking into their RV. Even in ‘gated RV resorts’ or ‘secure storage areas,’ if someone wants in and they are motivated enough, they’ll get in and take what they want.

RV Security Begins with YOU

So YOU must take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your belongings … just as you would your home or your vehicle regardless of where it’s parked. Home and auto break-ins happen everyday and while they might not be happening in your neighborhood, chances are at some point they will.

Keeping valuables out of sight and behind closed locked doors and windows is the best and easiest deterrent. Out of sight, out of mind. If they can’t see it they are not as likely to break in to search in hopes of finding something … unless they have time and aren’t likely to be seen. Yes, there are those criminals who are desperate enough to take the chance.

RVs by nature are targets of interest. Many of the items we keep inside our rigs are of value not only to us, but to those looking to convert stolen property into quick cash or procure items for themselves. When you leave your RV unattended with doors unlocked, storage compartment(s) open, or expensive items outside and unsecured, you are providing temptation to those who can’t resist. That’s the human element of our topic.

Now let us talk about the nonhuman element … Critters.

RV security includes keeping the critters out.

This RVer left a storage door open … by doing so they left it exposed to the elements and provided anything or anyone easy access inside.

Raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bears and other birds & animals in search of food and shelter can damage your RV in a matter of minutes.

Anyone who has ever experienced an invasion by any animal can tell you how bad of an experience it was.

Some may have got by with only some poop on their floor, others have had severe and costly damage.

One day while we were at the pool (we were only gone about 45 minutes), a squirrel tore through the screen on our kitchen window and climbed inside our coach. Imagine its surprise to find our two cats at home! We returned to find our kitties had cornered the squirrel and were standing guard over it. We managed to coax it out through the door, but it left us with a screen needing replacement and some clean up … it got the s*it scared out of it.

Do yourself a favor…secure your RV and your possessions. For another aspect of RV security … read this post, about when as a full-timer you must leave your rig behind for any length of time.

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