Too Dark To Grill Out

Though I have a set of rope lights that I can attach to my awning, its not always practical to do so but there are times when you need some light to cook outside on the grill. Sure there are now “grill lights” that you can get that mount to your grill…but they are typically expensive and do little else to illuminate the rest of the work space or table where you plan on eating.

While cruising the seasonal clearance items at Wal-Mart one day I spotted some solar spot lights while picking up some solar accent lights. Later I saw these same solar lights being used by others to keep their US Flag illuminated throughout the night. IDEA!

Why not use them to do the same for my work area while cooking! So on my next visit to a Wal-Mart I found the same lights on sale there…for $7.00 each so I picked up two. Now I have yet to come up with a more permanent way of mounting them to the awning supports…I’m thinking flag pole bases mounted to hold the spot light posts. So far I have held them in place with some Velcro cord detanglers  which held them just fine.

If you don’t need them for your grill or table, use them for your flag or to cast a security light on the dark side of your RV or Towed. Here’s another great tip. How to keep your solar lights charged between uses while traveling. Simple place them in a window such as on the back of a couch, on your dash or anywhere they can get direct sunlight. They’ll recharge and be ready for use the first evening at your new site.


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Gerald Voigt

Gerald's interests are wide and varied. His work career started in the United States Air Force and since then has worked in logistics management, retail & service management as well as manufacturing. He's an author, photographer, pilot, radio show host and marketing consultant who enjoys RVing which allows him greater freedom to explore, meet new acquaintances and serve his clients.