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Shower Faucet Blowout

A part similar to this is what cracked on the water supply line on the back of the shower faucet.

If you ask my wife she’ll confirm that I really really dislike plumbing. Even when we lived in our bricks n sticks house plumbing matters were one of my least favorite chores to deal with. It’s not that I couldn’t do it myself…I had the tools and the basic knowledge, I just hated it. I did it because I didn’t want to pay the prices charged by a plumber or handyman.

The other day we were preparing to depart the park we were staying in. Routine morning…everything was going fine. It was right after the wife took her shower and before I could get mine…she heard a bang followed by the sound of running water coming from the shower. Nothing was visible but it was obvious from the sounds water was pouring somewhere behind the shower surround.

DIY RV Toilet Repair: Replacing the Vacuum Breaker

Replacing the vacuum breaker is a fairly simple DIY RV toilet repair.

Not all problems lead to disasters…unless you let them go unattended! The longer you are an RVer the more you learn…this was true for us with our RV toilet repair. Recently we started to notice some condensation on the floor behind our toilet. This soon became drops, which evolved into a small puddle. At first, we thought it was just condensation forming on the water supply line. But further  inspection revealed it was a leak coming from a contraption affixed to the back of the toilet, the vacuum breaker.

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