Why Every RVer Needs a GO Bag!

A term you as an RVer need to be familiar with is GO Bag! What is a GO Bag!? It’s a bag, suitcase, briefcase or container that contains your most important documents and valuables. In case of an emergency such as a FIRE in your RV, or having to evacuate your RV due to dangerous weather, a GO bag is meant to be grabbed easily and quickly as you exit the rig.

"Create a GO Bag for your RV travels. It'll make it easy to quickly and easily grab the essentials in case fire or dangerous weather force a quick exit from your RV."

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​What's in the GO Bag?

​What’s in the GO Bag!? Well, you’ll want your passports, insurance information, title and registration, medical records, prescription drugs and those personal items which can’t be replaced.

​A Real-Life Example

​Friends shared their story with us about the demise of their motorhome due to fire. A mechanical issue with the engine's fuel system was the cause which lead to them losing everything. They were able to get out but they didn’t get everything of value or importance.

Why? First, the fire spread from the rear of their motorhome very quickly. Secondly, most everything of value was stowed away in the rear of the coach in the bedroom, which is where you are probably stowing these items too.

The lesson they learned is to stow these items somewhere mid-ship, so to speak, where they can be grabbed as one exits, regardless of direction. Through the door or out an emergency escape window.

If you think carefully about it, what items don’t you want to lose? Where are they and can they be retrieved quickly when you have just seconds to escape.

​Insurance Doesn't Cover Everything

Fire, one reason every RVer needs a GO Bag.

​Our friends felt ​hopeless as they stood along the roadside watching their home on wheels burn to the ground. Thick black smoke rose into the sky, traffic snared for miles in each direction as people gawked and snapped pictures as they passed by. An accident that was preventable and one that wasn’t their fault. Yes, they were insured, but insurance doesn’t cover everything.

​Fuel System Repair Gone Wrong

To add insult to injury, the perpetrator of the mishap couldn’t be held responsible because our legal system failed them. No lawyer was willing to take the repair shop to court to recoup costs of the mishandled repairs. Repairs that had to be done multiple times because they weren't done right the first time. We all put our trust into the technicians that do repairs we won’t or otherwise are unable to do ourselves. You’ve probably heard or read about someone having to take their rig back to have the same issue fixed multiple times before it was done completely and correctly. When it involves a fuel system in this case it can have severe consequences if it’s not done right the first time.

In case of an accident, fire or other mishap that requires you to leave your rig at a moment’s notice make sure you have your GO Bag! Packed and handy to grab as you exit.

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