Life Hack-Transferring From Bag To Bottle

As RVers we’re constantly looking for ways to do things easier.  I prefer to store bird seed that I keep onboard for our bird feeders in resealable plastic jugs rather than in the original bags. It helps keep the contents from finding its way out of the bag, which makes a mess and attracts unwanted guests (rodents) inside the rig. It also makes filling the bird feeders easier, pouring from a bottle rather than the bag.

The challenge is, pouring that bird seed from the bag into the plastic jug, in this case a re-purposed Vinegar jug, is difficult because of the small opening. Brilliant, I’ll use a funnel. Problem is, you have to have a funnel with a large diameter tip to allow the seeds to pass without plugging. Even then, seeds will get crossed up and block the funnel.

Solution, cut a corner off the bag of seed just big enough to stick the mouth of the jug through. Hold onto the bag tightly around the mouth of the jug with one hand and lift the back end of the bag with the other. The contents will begin to flow into the jug, usually without clogging. If it does, just shake the jug with the hand that you’re holding onto it with. In seconds the contents of the bag will transfer into the jug.  If you have more in the bag than the jug will hold, just lower the back of the bag and shake the neck of the jug and the excess will return to the bag.

You can use plastic jugs to store just about anything that comes in a bag. I suggest that you using only jugs with screw on lids, not the pop top style as they can pop off and spill or attract (scent) unwanted critters both insect and mammal.

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Gerald Voigt

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