It Takes A Marine!

Leave it to a Marine to come up with a solution to a problem, especially one who knows about vehicles having served as a Tank Commander from Vietnam thru Gulf War I. Other RVers discovered that if you use one of those plastic Christmas tree stands, you can support your inline water filter. That in itself is a good idea, but if you’re a Marine who knows that the storage space available in any special purpose vehicle must serve to hold as much as possible.

P1680726ev6So by flipping the tree stand upside down, it still holds the filter but it also now has a place to hold the water hose too! Semper Fi! If its too tipsy replace the eye screws with longer ones that will still hold the filter upright in the center and act as longer legs to keep it more stable.

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Gerald Voigt

Gerald's interests are wide and varied. His work career started in the United States Air Force and since then has worked in logistics management, retail & service management as well as manufacturing. He's an author, photographer, pilot, radio show host and marketing consultant who enjoys RVing which allows him greater freedom to explore, meet new acquaintances and serve his clients.

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