Do You Glove Up?

As an RVer, we are tasked to connect to a sewer connection at our site or pay a visit to the nearest dump station to empty our gray and black tanks. There are those who choose to glove up, that is putting on gloves to keep their hands clean and poo free. Are you someone who does? Have you really thought about why you do and what you touch in the process of dumping? Not many really do and if they had someone video them from a distance and played back the video, they’d be surprised at what they actually did do.

A Back Flow Preventer Has Limitations

Ever notice that brass device secured to the faucet at your campsite? It is a Back-Flow Preventer.  This is a required item in many states, counties and municipalities to meet health and safety codes.

What is a Back Flow Preventer?

A Back-Flow Preventer, much like a Check Valve, only only allows fluids to flow in one direction. The difference between the two is that a Back-Flow Preventer has built in vents to release the liquid under pressure once the faucet is shut off or it loses pressure. A Check Valve has no such means to release built up pressure. This makes disconnecting a hose that is under pressure difficult and potentially give you a baptism when disconnecting.

That Morning Coffee

Coffee for many of us is an essential requirement to start our day. There are many ways to make that morning cup and new RVers are often heard to ask how. Well, the same way you do in a sticks and bricks. You can use any method although you will need to give consideration to such things as space and energy source necessary to brew.

One Mistake After Another

There’s a learning curve to RVing, as in most things. For full-time RVers the learning curve can be steep. Your rig is your primary dwelling. Once damaged you’re out a home and a vehicle until it’s fixed or replaced.

Because of this, we tend to publish cautionary tales – things we notice that could save you money and heartache. Please don’t confuse this with being critical or poking fun. Rest assured, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes along the way that probably left others shaking their heads too.

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