Secure Your RV

RV Security and Safety Badge.

There seems to be a sense of security among RVers: A belief that ALL of our fellow RVing neighbors are friendly and pose no threat to our person or property. Yes, in an perfect world that would be so, but in this imperfect world that’s not always the case.

How many times have you read on the RV and Camping forums or on social media pages about something stolen or someone’s rig being vandalized? I’m not saying that all of these cases involved a fellow RVer, but there a some who do.

Little Things That Lead To Big Problems

Replacing a broken zerk fitting.

It may seem insignificant at the moment, but some of the littlest things can lead to big and expensive problems if not discovered and dealt with immediately.

A while back, our coach was due for its annual servicing…oil and filter changes. During the process the servicing shop discovered that while lubricating the dozen or so lube points under the coach, we had a broken Zerk fitting on the drive shaft – totally broken off and missing.

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